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The Staging Process:



1. Schedule a Consultation... 


The first step is to tour a property with the homeowner, real estate agent, and/or developer to discuss an overall strategy for getting a private home or new development ready for sale. Pros and cons of the property are examined in order to find the attributes we will highlight (amazing view, high ceilings) and drawbacks we may need to address (small kitchen, no office space). Possible repairs, updating of fixtures, and need for painting are some common improvements which add value to a property and may be recommended at this point. The target buyer will also be established on the consultation (who is the most likely buyer to purchase this size home, at this price point, in this location?). Specifically on site, photographs will be taken and dimensions will be verified in order to provide an appropriate staging presentation.


2. Review the Staging Presentation...


Within forty-eight hours after a consultation is completed, we share a "staging presentation". This presentation is composed of a floor plan with recommended furniture layout (based on the target buyer), possible sketches of design concepts and outline of recommended work, proposal and/or contract. Factors which effect the staging quote are the quantity and style of rental furniture needed, state of the property (vacant, furnished and occupied, furnished and unoccupied), physical condition of the property (need for repairs, painting, renovation), and list price of the property. 


3. Installation!


After a staging agreement has been signed, this is when we begin scheduling any work that will be performed before staging (repairs, painting, renovation). If no work is needed, we head straight to the delivery of staging items which typically include area rugs, furniture, artwork, lighting, bedding and bath linens, drapery and accessories. Progress is tracked with the homeowner, real estate agent and/or developer in order to coordinate a completion date in which the property can be photographed and ready to hit the market! 

"Our mission is to utilize creative design strategies to elevate NYC properties to an exemplar scale, generating the highest possible ROI within the most competitive real estate market in the world".

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